Problem / Concept

How do we incorporate inspiration and creativity in our day-to-day lives?

By regularly accomplishing simple, innovative tasks people can keep their brains active and inspired. Through a rich and playful experience, we can motivate people to adopt simple creative exercises into their daily routine.

User Archetypes

  • Passionate Creative

    Dedicated inventive people aim to stay passionate and creative with various exercises and challenges.

  • Inspiration Seeker

    Those wanting to get inspired look for ideas and imagery that would help their creative process.

  • Artistic Socialite

    Casual artist that wants to play with friends and is less concerned with personal improvements.


Plan out every detail, and answer everything.

Only when my head is fully wrapped around the content and the system would I start wireframing. Every interaction element and its functionality, along with potential transitions should be considered.

Wireframe like no other
and annotate everything!
Make note of outstanding items.
UX Document


Design Tag Designs

Light and airy space like a crafts artist's studio

By giving the application a hip, crafty, do-it-yourself feel we invite the user to be creatively active. We compliment the submissions with the aesthetic but do not distract from the work. It needs to be usable, but also inspiring. Since Design Tag is an image-dominant application, the interface must be

complimentary and unobtrusive to the imagery. The simple style will emphasize the images by not detracting from them, and the soft colors will highlight the crafty mood. With all of this together, we create the perfect fun-loving, stylish app for artists to fill with bold visuals.

Mood and Style Board
Perspective iPhone Breakdown
Global navigation bar that allows access to Search Utility, Explore Page, and Profile page.
Challenge Banner directs user to specific challenge page. User can also play immediately b tapping "Join."
Tapping here overlays the Tag Page where users can see their saved games or create new challenges.

Holding down on an image will reveal the options to 'like' or 'pin' the piece.

  • Hold down on image
  • Image will fade darker, icons will scroll out
  • With finger held down, slide over to either option

"Drag and Tag" to save challenge for later!

Simple, unique interactions within the application give an extra level of detail that adds so much more to the overall experience of a user. Dragging and tagging is a quirky and fun gesture, without being over the top.

Users can press and drag from the "Tag" button onto any set of challenge submissions to save that challenge. Tapping on the button opens the Tag page where users can see their saved challenges or create their own.

Feedback animation confirms the user's action. This informative reciprocation is a "little-big" detail that removes guesswork and frustration.

Camera Settings


By having a little fun every day we can keep our brains active and ourselves inspired.

Completing simple, innovative tasks every day will give us the challenging fun we should have to keep ourselves sharp. It will train us and our friends to be more creative with each other and push the boundaries of our imagination.